Here at Catlore Design and Black Market Buttons, we run on two tracks. Catlore offers original designs in a variety of formats, with a focus on pop art, minimalist work, and fandom. Black Market Buttons carries over a thousand button designs, almost all of which are original creations. (The remainder are upcycles, public domain images, or licensed work.) Our store shelves are currently rather bare, but anything you see on our tables or in our gallery can be put up for sale, with no obligation to you. We aim to misbehave please.

If you’re here by way of Fluke Skywalker, fantastic! It means his message is getting out, and kids in scary places (hospitals) are getting a much-needed dose of The Force. Keep supporting him and other costumers who make patients’ days a little brighter.

You can find us online here:

  • Deviant Art – A gallery of designs, and a limited number of prints for sale.
  • Storenvy – For prints, postcards, and bookmarks. If what you want isn’t here, just contact me, and I’ll add it–no obligation.
  • Tee Public – Shirts, some with art or design, some with witty stupid hopefully humorous sayings. Get shirts, mugs, phone cases, stickers, and more, most with color customization.
  • Spreadshirt – Still more shirts; this store will be going away in time, with the designs moved to Tee Public.
  • Etsy – Occasionally has buttons or prints, but mostly digital collage sheets
  • based on my watercolor and ink textures.

Find us offline here:

  • B & D Comics – Featuring a selection of some of our buttons, Roanoke’s oldest comic book stop, is our exclusive brick & motar outlet.


Contact us at catloredesign at gmail dot com. Tell ’em Fluke sent ya.